Strategies for Start Ups and Growing SMEs

6 Essentials for Working From Home

6 easy but neglected things you need to remember while working from home long term.

Selling through COVID-19

Strategies to sell with heart without sacrificing your own business.

Employee Engagement

Your people are your greatest asset. If they’re not performing at their best then it might be time to invest in them. Here are our top tips for having a top performing team… Hire on personality first and skills second Treat new hires as a part of the team, not as initiates that might sink…
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The Start Up Phases

…put your great ideas into action By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s heaps of information online about starting and running a business. The trouble is knowing what are the essentials and what’s relevant to you so you don’t waste valuable time. We hope you’ll use this site as a resource to kick start your learning…
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HUGE discounts at the Small Business Expo tomorrow!

We’re launching our new business courses and to celebrate we’re taking them to the Brisbane Small Business EXPO with HUGE INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNTS!! Please come along and meet hundreds of savvy micro and small businesses at this fabulous business networking and showcase event. But, more importantly, come and say hello and find out just what we’ve…
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How can Google help you?

Quick question… How many Google Apps do you know about? We all know Google is mad keen on creating products and services to make life easier and are one of the biggest companies taking over world commerce, along with Facebook and Amazon. But have you ever checked out ALL of the Apps Google has on…
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Learning business skills on the go

In the previous article we looked at the different types of courses you could do to feel more confident in your business skills and ultimately run your business better. But, the reality is that not many businesses require you to do formal training. We do it because we know learning is key to growing and…
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Do I need to do a business course to start a business?

Do I need to do a business course to start a business? The short answer is…it can’t hurt (much 😉). Any study you do that will enhance your business skills will always be helpful. BUT…the type and length of study is the more important part. So what business courses can you do? Vocational Training The system…
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JK Rowling quote

Looking for work? This strategy works every time

Unemployed? Struggling to prove you’ve got what it takes? This strategy is not for the faint hearted but if you’re serious about getting your career on track and seizing your next step towards your dream job then you can’t go wrong with this one…Start a micro business! Sounds contrary to start a business in order…
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5 Micro Businesses you could start today!

Ever head of ‘Money for Jam’? Have you been thinking lately about earning some quick cash to cover the bills or save for something special? The old Money for Jam idea is that you can take whatever resources and skills you have right now and turn them into something that you can sell for money.…
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