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Strategies for Start Ups and Growing SMEs

6 Essentials for Working From Home

6 easy but neglected things you need to remember while working from home long term.

Selling through COVID-19

Strategies to sell with heart without sacrificing your own business.

The Start Up Phases

…put your great ideas into action By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s heaps of information online about starting and running a business. The trouble is knowing what are the essentials and what’s relevant to you so you don’t waste valuable time. We hope you’ll use this site as a resource to kick start your learning…
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How can Google help you?

Quick question… How many Google Apps do you know about? We all know Google is mad keen on creating products and services to make life easier and are one of the biggest companies taking over world commerce, along with Facebook and Amazon. But have you ever checked out ALL of the Apps Google has on…
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Learning business skills on the go

In the previous article we looked at the different types of courses you could do to feel more confident in your business skills and ultimately run your business better. But, the reality is that not many businesses require you to do formal training. We do it because we know learning is key to growing and…
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Do I need to do a business course to start a business?

Do I need to do a business course to start a business? The short answer is…it can’t hurt (much 😉). Any study you do that will enhance your business skills will always be helpful. BUT…the type and length of study is the more important part. So what business courses can you do? Vocational Training The system…
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Get paid!

Dreams are vivid but money talks in start ups and small business. Learn how to get paid. Finding something you love to do and making your passion into a business reality is a cornerstone concept in the modern generations. But many of us brought up in the employment age remain fixated on the swapping money-for-time model.…
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When will I become great?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what you have or haven’t achieved by now? Perhaps another birthday is coming up and you remember saying “By the time I’m XX I’ll have my own business and be making a million dollars and be married…” and so on and so on (or whatever milestones that matter to…
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The 2 steps to getting what you want

Once you know what you really want there’s really only 2 steps to take to make it happen…strategy and follow through. Sounds easy….doesn’t it? Strategy With billions of people in the world and thousands of years of documented achievement, there are few things in life that we truly need to figure out on our own…
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What is analysis paralysis?

Have you been accused of analysis paralysis? Perhaps you’ve been taking a while to make a decision about something important as you keep reviewing the facts? Or perhaps it seems clear on what needs to be done but you still haven’t gone ahead with it? Analysis paralysis is a term used for when a person/organisation…
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