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First steps to improving and growing

Business Review

Love your business! Be proactive and take control

Before you can make improvements you must first evaluate your current business situation.

A Business In Training Consultant can review your business to make a comprehensive evaluation to see what’s working and what’s holding you back.

During this review, we look at your business plan, business model, all products and services, your staff (including yourself) and your business and people management techniques. From here we can give you direction on how to make improvements to streamline your business and increase profits.

What you get:

– Comprehensive report on the review undertaken including a rating for each area of the business

– Recommendations to improve the business or correct issues

– Information and options on how to implement the recommendations (with or without our help)

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Customer Service Review

Win more customers

Your people are your best asset…or your greatest liability! And that means you too.

Don’t guess at whether you’re losing business over poor customer experiences, hire an expert. The Business In Training Secret Shopper approach is very comprehensive including multiple visits/inquiries to test different scenarios.

What you get:

– Comprehensive report on the review undertaken including a rating for each area and person encountered

– Recommendations to improve any issues or skill gaps

– Information and options on how to implement the recommendations (with or without our help)

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Business Consulting

Address issues and refine your business

Know there are issues in your business but not sure how to solve them? Feeling confused and desperate for solutions?

Traditional Business Consulting is a great way to delve into any issues you’re currently experiencing in your business to create workable solutions to address them now before they eat away your profits (and your sanity!).

Consulting is more involved than Coaching. Coaching is about furthering you as a business owner whereas Consulting addresses specific business issues by uncovering the underlying catalysts, creating direct solutions and assisting you in implementing them. It requires specific business skills and therefore is slightly more expensive than the Coaching service but you can feel confident in Business In Training to always deliver on value and results. If we believe we cannot assist you, we will refer you on to the more specific professional, free of charge of course.

We do not limit our focus to any specific industries – we look at the core of the issues and what you CAN do to correct them.

Contact us for an informal chat about where you’re at with your business currently and what you’d like to achieve in future. We’ll help you get there.

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Book your Business Consulting appointments here and a BIT Consultant will contact you to confirm your appointments.
We pride ourselves on absolute quality service delivery and each session is driven for results for you. If you’d like to know more about what’s involved and what to expect, please contact us on the details below for an informal chat…we’re always happy to help.

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Employee Engagement

Your people are your greatest asset.

If they’re not performing at their best then it might be time to invest in them.

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You may be doing fabulous job as an owner or manager but there are several key ideals to win you a top performing team. Do you follow all of these steps?

  • Hire on personality first and skills second
  • Treat new hires as a part of the team, not as initiates that might sink or swim
  • Model the behaviours you want to see in your employees
  • Lead and guide your team…instill trust and avoid micro-managing
  • Don’t assume they should know everything…train them…and keep training them
  • Be a super communicator and don’t fear conflict
  • Embrace failure…it will foster innovation and motivate business development
  • Learn when to ask for help

Business In Training can help you optimise your current staff base or create a winning team to suit your business.

Are you looking to create your ideal team?

Would you love a team that fits together and works well together?

Do you want a more skilled team without losing them to other businesses with certificate training?

We can provide tailored assistance to foster greatness in your employees. From ensuring your recruitment processes reflect your business needs to creating a more positive workplace culture.

As a starting point, we would suggest speaking to a Business In Training Facilitator to review your current staffing needs and discuss where you want to take your business in future. And, as always, we guarantee our services to be targeted, comprehensive and affordable for any size business.

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