Are you for start ups too?

Strategies for Start Ups and Growing SMEs

Our mission is to support micro and small business development.

We do this through offering coaching and training programs plus a range of activities and articles to help people start well and get profitable in their new business quickly.

We are genuinely passionate about this pursuit and are always on the look out to add value for our customers through special promotions of external products and services that can also help them.

So, what’s your business?

Be brave Be kind Be youAre you also offering something that can help people just starting out in their first business? If yes, then we’d love to hear from you.

Your partner offer must be absolutely appropriate for start ups; this includes people thinking of starting a business through to those just in their first 1-2 years of trade.

Ideal partners would be specialist services such as Web Designers, Accountants, Solicitors, Financiers, Virtual Assistants, Image Consultants, Co-Working spaces, etc. Or, perhaps you have a product/service to share that would either help a start up or enhance their start up experience such as Aromatherapy, Massage, Hairdressing, Tailored Suits, Stationery, Office Furniture, etc

We are happy to hear from all sorts of businesses who meet the following conditions:

  1. You are prepared to offer free (or exceptional value) products/services to our customer base, which will add value to our community while leading to more new customers for your business.
  2. Your products and services respectfully do not compete with that offered by Business In Training.
  3. You can unconditionally follow through with what you offer and treat our customers with the utmost care and attention when they accept your promoted offer.

Contact BIT’s Manager to make a special offer for start ups.

Not sure you fit the bill?

That’s ok. If your business is not aimed at start ups but you want to partner with us, you can still take advantage of our BIT Friends Program.

This affiliate program encourages you to direct any start ups you come across to Business In Training’s website in return for a reward for any products or services they choose to use. We pay a set amount on selected programs or a generous 25% commission on all other purchases your referrals make and the referral link stays valid for 90 days to give your referral ample time to make an informed decision while acknowledging your assistance.

Signing up is super easy and once you become an affiliate, you simply choose a link (or banner) to place on your own website, your blogs, Facebook, or even your email signature to start promoting and earning from day one!

You can be confident referring start ups to us as we take great care in offering quality products and services and do not ever ‘push’ people into something that isn’t right for them as we’re Facilitators, not salespeople.

Join the BIT Friends Program.


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