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It’s great to see you again, I hope you’ve been well 🙂

I’m super excited to see you back here again as that means you’ve been thinking of us and the people you know and whether we can help them out.

Once you sign in as a BIT Friend or ‘affiliate’, you’ll be able to access all of your own account info as well as the easy to use links and banners we’ve created just for you so that you can help others gain access to our tools, resources and education programs.

Remember, we have programs for:

  • Job seekers
  • Start ups
  • Young (or struggling) established businesses
  • and people simply wanting to do more professional development in the area of ‘business’ (like other VET Trainers, Managers, or career professionals).

I use a variety of marketing techniques to get the word out about our comprehensive, purpose-driven programs but this is by far the most important…because I’d like to reward YOU.

As a valued friend, client, partner and professional I want you to benefit from being a kind voice when people you know need help and direction in their time of uncertainty. I am supremely grateful that you are willing and able to do that for them and I firmly believe you should be rewarded for this. If I didn’t offer you this opportunity, the same funds would end up in the pocket of Facebook or other media channels (and I think they get plenty!)

So, to be clear, the money you receive does NOT come from your friend’s purchase, it comes from our marketing budget.

You are simply one of the most valued people in our network for helping us to achieve our goal of helping as many people as possible to learn, grow and prosper!

If you ever have any questions or need more help on how to go about being successful in this partner program, you are welcome to contact me on 07 3180 3847 and I’ll give you as much help as you need.

Stay true to your goals and be smart with your money.

With immense gratitude,

x Rhonwyn

{If you’re not yet a BIT Friend but you know and trust our services and would like to be, you can join the program here.}



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