I AM Machine

Faster. Stronger. Better. Longer.

Moore’s Law says technology doubles in power about every 18-24months. With constant advancement in automation, machine learning, AI, robotics...we are rebuilding humans one step at a time.

The need to produce faster and cheaper inevitably triggers a CAUSE + EFFECT where industry compete in the pursuit to replace paid workers with a perfect and everlasting alternative. Machine labour that will not require food, water, sleep or to be more than its current state. It will never dispute disparity or strike in need of higher pay to survive the increasing complexity of the human world.

In order to compete in the modern economy, I see business owners and professionals at ALL levels behaving along the same continuum...Faster. Stronger. Better. Longer.

We push ourselves beyond breaking point to produce what's expected. We willingly negate the laws that protect our wellbeing and workplace rights in order to keep up and protect our basic needs.

24 hour processing. Overwork. Burnout.

As a small business owner, I do all this and more. I run several projects. I say yes to everything. I forego sleep. I miss important family time. I constantly tell myself..."just a little further'.

But where does the line drawn in the sand become a precipice that we fall over and into oblivion?

As HUMANS we know what creates a healthy existence.

1. Eat good, whole foods = You are what you eat

2. Drink plenty of water = It makes up 60% of our physical existence

3. Get quality sleep = Our brains need to reset and process

4. Schedule in ME time = We need personal fulfillment to keep balance

5. Connect with loved ones = Connection is the single greatest source of a happy life

6. Know when to say NO = Time is the single most precious commodity

7. Don't dwell in the past = The future appears with or without our permission

So...if I'm constantly ON...

...if I function without all the basic human needs...

...if I am constantly producing faster, better, stronger and longer...


It is clear by the explosion of the online learning or digital commodity industries that we humans are in pursuit of something more.

We are investigating our 'uniqueness' and we are exploring hidden talents.

But we are also trying to navigate OUT of the machine life. We are searching for other forms of income to protect our basic needs.

We are looking to reclaim what makes us human and attempt to live fulfilling lives.

As occupations continue to be replaced and we discover new ways to earn reliable income, it is clear that the next 30 years will be scary for those who continue to be MACHINES, as we will be replaced. But it is exciting for those who pursue reclaiming HUMANITY.

What is the future of HUMANITY?

Once we detach work from money, and money from the supply of basic human needs, we begin to unravel the correlation between industry and humanity.

We begin to explore the WHAT IFs of simply being.

We begin to explore the capabilities of decentralised leadership and agenda-free communities.

And ironically, reclaiming our humanity is only possible through technology and the advancements that allow us to connect, learn, explore, rediscover and support one another.

When crisis hits, technology and connection allows humanity to see past a survivalist reaction of fighting over what's OURS, and instead it allows us to coordinate, share, help each other and rebuild community.

Small business and Automation

For a small business, and a small business owner operating like a machine, it is difficult to take a pause, take a breath and consider what steps are needed to become human again. You likely need help, but also a willingness to embrace and learn new technologies.

The first step is to reach out for guidance. You don't need to learn EVERYTHING; that's machine-thinking. You simply need to learn how to tap into other humans and machines, and to learn how to make decisions based on the future, rather than your current state of being.

In short, you need to ask for help.

I AM Machine.

At this point, like some of you, I AM MACHINE. I love my work and I know the work I do supports others towards being more HUMAN. But I see a recalibration is needed. I know that in order for me to become human again I must first DECIDE to embrace what makes me human, and take steps to leverage technology to allow myself the space to do so.

I must befriend machines in order to become more human again.

Automation, machine learning, AI, robotics, blockchain...these are not threats, these are our future.

Will you permit it? Will you ask for help?

Rhonwyn Learner

Working with start ups for over 15 years, she is passionate about small businesses in all shapes and sizes.

Rhonwyn is an accomplished coach, consultant, trainer, author and public speaker who has worked with some of Australia's largest organisations, and some of Australia's teeniest micro businesses.


Training, coaching, consulting and general advice in all things Start Up.

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