We’re for start ups!

Strategies for Start Ups and Growing SMEs

Have you been thinking of starting your own business and really just not sure where to begin?

There’s sooooo much info out there, we know. Every other guy has some sort of program or e-course or something-or-other to reel you in and ‘help’ you on your way. So, how do you know what information is for you and who to trust?

At Business In Training, we’re for start ups

…and everyone who works with a Start Up.

We know the budget of a typical start up (hmmm…little to none that is).

We know the wall of competition and obstacles and the ‘I really have no idea’ factor you face as a start up.

We know that heaps of ‘business coaches’ tell you that they have the answers without ever saying exactly where to go and what to do.

If this is all sounding too familiar then I hope we can help you out to put you on the right path, heading in the right direction, to aim for exactly the business that YOU want to create…even when people tell you that you’re crazy.

We’re the CAN DO people.

If you’re reading this that’s only because someone else who already loves what we do has sent you here. That means they want the best for you and don’t want you to feel you have to go it alone. (Tip…it’s really okay to ask for help sometimes.)

So, if you’re ready to start the next phase of your life…one full of massive self-development and self-satisfying prosperity then start learning the right stuff and start doing!

The Start Up Kit with everything you need to get started is FREE. 

Business Coaching from a BIT Facilitator is a paid service, but worth every penny to gain clarity of the path ahead.

And we have heaps of other stuff to give you hands on help and support.

If you’re not sure where you’re headed, please give Business In Training a call on 07 3180 3847. It’s free to chat about what’s on your mind and we’re more than happy to help. Or email us at info@businessintraining.com.au

How to's, what for's, & who knows!

Laptop learning

Location, location, location! Whether it's your lunch break at work, or snuggled up on your couch in your PJs, we have a range of FREE webinars to help you out. But, we also run regular webinars through our LunchBites membership. Whether you're looking for cheap and useful PD for your job, or just want to grow your business skills, these are for you.

Short, sharp, live learning.

Live learning

Savvy, fun workshops to push your skills to the next level. Soooooo many topics from using your computer, to mastering cashflow, to leading others or getting back into work.
You name it, we probably do it. If it's not on the Calendar, please ask us. If you want to learn it, chances are you're not alone.

Downloads, links, lists & sinks!

Useful bites

We grow this collection of great resources as often as we can. If we think it's a great template, grant, service, or list - we'll add it here.

Hire the head honcho for your event.

First hand bites

Want to educate your group on how to start a business? Want to inject some motivation or inspiration back into your staff? Contact us with your ideas and Rhonwyn will get back to you to see how she can help.


Group mentoring sessions to ask the hard questions, listen to shared experiences and learn innovative solutions to common issues.


For established businesses, understand how to take the next step in your business.


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