How can Google help you?

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How can Google help you?

Quick question… How many Google Apps do you know about? We all know Google is mad keen on creating products and services to make life easier and are one of the biggest companies taking over world commerce, along with Facebook and Amazon. But have you ever checked out ALL of the Apps Google has on offer?

While I’m a huge advocate for buying local and using local, sometimes we need some good freebies to get us moving, especially if we’re just starting a new business or perhaps haven’t had any paid work in a while.

Google’s MS Office

That’s right, Google has tried to build its own version of Microsoft Office. To be clear, Microsoft has the benefit of years of fine tuning and adding functions and templates so the Google versions are not as comprehensive. They will certainly get you access to the basics. Check out these Google alternatives:

  1. Google Docs for MS Word
  2. Sheets for MS Excel
  3. Slides for MS PowerPoint
  4. Keep for MS OneNote
  5. Calendar & Gmail & Contacts for MS Outlook
  6. Drawings for MS Paint or TiltBrush for MS 3D Paint

And the list goes on…

But copying the MS Office Suite (aka G Suite) is not the only thing on Google’s list.

Google for Business

There are actually over 70 (!) Apps on Google’s list and over 30 of those are recommended for business use. By using Google’s free apps, programs and Chrome Extensions, you can research a business idea, survey potential customers, collate the data, build a website, list it on Google, place ads or advertise your own business, and analyse your website traffic. There’s lots of other Google programs not listed in the Business section that are useful for some businesses like video calling, cloud storage, photo storage and editing and so on. It depends on what you need.

To find the Google Apps list…open up then look for the menu in the top right of your screen. It will open a drop down box, at the bottom of which is the option ‘More from Google’. Then do this again, ‘Even more from Google’. This will take you to the FULL LIST.

Google Websites

If you are thinking of using Google Sites for a main webpage, just keep in mind that it only has basic functionality so, if your business grows significantly and you want to add in other membership, booking or ecommerce functions, you may have limited options. This is a fantastic program for generating a private company INTRANET though (ie; a private website that only staff can access with a password).

INTRANETs are an almost essential part of any business nowadays. A good intranet site allows staff to access operating manuals, company alerts and news, and collaborate together.

For now, Google is still our friend and it’s smart to check out what’s on offer. I would highly recommend GOOGLE KEEP for collating all of your START UP RESEARCH. You can use this App on your PC or Android phone and paste almost anything into it…recordings, lists, articles and so on.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our tips. I hope you found it super useful and we’ll see you back again soon.

Stay positive and stick to your goals – because they’re worth fighting for. 😎




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