Employee Engagement

Strategies for Start Ups and Growing SMEs

Employee Engagement

Your people are your greatest asset.

If they’re not performing at their best then it might be time to invest in them.

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Here are our top tips for having a top performing team…

  1. Hire on personality first and skills second
  2. Treat new hires as a part of the team, not as initiates that might sink or swim
  3. Model the behaviours you want to see in your employees
  4. Lead and guide your team…instill trust and avoid micro-managing
  5. Don’t assume they should know everything…train them…and keep training them
  6. Be a super communicator and don’t fear conflict
  7. Embrace failure…it will foster innovation and motivate business development
  8. Learn when to ask for help

Business In Training can help you optimise your current staff base or create a winning team to suit your business.

Are you looking to create your ideal team?

Would you love a team that fits together and works well together?

Do you want a more skilled team without losing them to other businesses with certificate training?

We can provide tailored assistance to foster greatness in your employees. From ensuring your recruitment processes reflect your business needs to creating a more positive workplace culture.

As a starting point, we would suggest speaking to a Business In Training Facilitator to review your current staffing needs and discuss where you want to take your business in future. And, as always, we guarantee our services to be targeted, comprehensive and affordable for any size business.

Contact Business In Training today.


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